For Accountants & CPAs

Differentiate your firm

ProfitCents by Sageworks is a suite of web-based financial analysis solutions that enables accountants to increase consistency with audits, cross-sell more services, and win more clients. Use real-time industry data on private companies to benchmark clients and track industry trends. Add value to service offerings with customizable plain language reports and strategic insight through "what-if "scenarios.

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For Bankers

Better manage your risk

Sageworks provides credit risk management solutions to help bankers comply with regulations, improve accuracy in calculations, and save time. Bankers rely on Sageworks for ALLL calculations, stress testing, loan administration and tracking, commercial credit analysis, and risk rating.

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For Valuation Professionals

Perform a compliant valuation

Sageworks Valuation Solution is a commercial-grade, web-based platform that helps CPA and valuation firms determine an accurate and defensible value for private companies. Go beyond simple calculation engagements and estimates to get a true value that will help you comply with SSVS 1 and AICPA standards.

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For Bankers & Consultants

Streamline bank & credit union analysis

Sageworks Bank Information delivers timely data on financial institutions that can benefit bank executives, consultants or vendors who need to analyze and contact banks and credit unions. Access 1,000+ financial metrics to build robust bank performance reports and segment the banking market for information on key decision makers. Information is available for banks and credit unions across the country.

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