About Us.

Sageworks was built upon and continues to be successful due to certain core principles, one of which is having a flat, organizational structure where each team member is empowered (and expected) to make decisions and therefore have a large-scale, positive impact on the company. We are committed to this despite having grown into a larger corporation since our inception in 1998. This decentralized organization is possible because we have a set of common principles that foster this environment.

These principles include love for our customers, value of substance over form, an unreasonable drive toward goals, and a large investment in our employees. We purposefully do not list officers as we expect every employee to direct our organization, and we seek to match our external website with our internal culture.

Sageworks is a financial information company and the leader in the financial analysis of privately held companies.

Our mission is to make complicated, financial information easier to understand for those who use our solutions and data.

Thousands of banks, credit unions, accounting firms, and private companies use our applications and information to assess the credit risk of borrowers, analyze private-company performance, estimate the value of a business, and understand industry trends. Through these applications, we have collected more than 1 million financial statements, creating the largest real-time database of private company financial statement information in the United States.

To stay active in the community, Sageworks supports local organizations like Second Chance Letters, which brings encouragement to the incarcerated. We also support Inmates to Entrepreneurs, a North Carolina-based organization that educates former inmates on how to start productive, low-capital service businesses upon their release from prison.